Mythology About Saturn And Gulika

Mythology About Saturn And Gulika

The Story Behind Gulika

It is written in our ancient scriptures that at the time Ravana’s son Inderjit was about to be born, Ravana with his supreme knowledge and power tried to put all the planets in the 11th house as planets in the 11th house gives extremely auspicious results as it is the house of desires and its fulfillment. But Saturn, being the ever mischievous one, stretched its one leg to the 12th house the moment Inderjit was born. Since Saturn in the 12th house is not good for longevity. The moment Ravana took notice of the whole situation, he threw a sword toward Saturn that ended up cutting one of Saturn’s legs this amputated part of the leg is termed as Gulika which is very rare to find in the astrology software these days but plays a very important role in the horoscope.

Results Arising From Gulika Being Conjunct With Different Planets Are as Follows:

When conjunct with the Sun: Would affect the longevity of the father.

When conjunct with the Moon: Native would derive no comfort or happiness from mother.

When conjunct with Mars: Native would have no cordial relations with his brothers and sisters and would suffer due to their early death.

When conjunct with Mercury: Native would become mentally disturbed.

When conjunct with Jupiter: Native would show no respect for the religious feelings of others. He would be a cynic where religious matters are concerned.

When conjunct with Venus: Native would seek the company of bad women and suffer due to the consequences of such company.  He would ruin his marital happiness.

When conjunct with Saturn: Native would suffer from skin diseases and conditions resulting from allergic reactions.

When conjunct with Rahu: Native is prone to infections and viral diseases

When conjunct with Ketu:  He would suffer from fear caused by bad people and animals.