Financial Astrology

"Anyone Can Be a Millionaire, But to Become a Billionaire You Need an Astrologer.”

When you are having trouble with your finances or money, you might have the following questions?

Finance and business astrology have all the answers to all such questions and those problems can be solved through finance astrology. Here you need to know how you get benefits from Finance & Business Astrology by our award-winning astrologer Mr. Saurish Sharma.

What is Financial Astrology?

An astrological practice that uses celestial movements to predict events in financial markets is known as financial astrology (also known as business astrology, economic astrology, and/or Astro-economics).

Our Astrologer has the mastery to observe the zodic signs with money and movement of the planets in space also analyze the trends and events they suggest, having an impact across the financial world. In another approach, the horoscopes are analyzed and interpreted for a specific business, country, or financial venture.

How does it Work?

A microscopic study of your birth chart and analysis of the planetary movements and their alignment indicate effects of positive or negative outcomes in finance and business.

Based on a number of calculations and data gathered from your birth chart and the specific house of finance, our astrologer, Mr. Saurish will forecast one’s financial future. A house of wealth is considered to be the astrological 2nd, th and th houses.

It is in the 2nd house that wealth is accumulated, and in the 11th house that one’s desires and income are controlled. These two houses, when connected, form a Dhan Yoga in a horoscope or a combination of wealth.

Advantages of having Financial Astrology Consultation

Best time to invest, where to invest and how to invest.

Remedies help you to stay aware of the dangers that lie ahead so that you can take steps to turn the situation around for the better.

The benefits of financial astrology may be most apparent when faced with a major decision, such as whether to move, invest money, or change careers.

You will be able to clearly see your financial future.

You will be explained how you can improve your current income.

You will get all answers and solutions to the above questions.

A quick guide to understanding the houses that emphasize wealth and finance -
2nd House

Income, Bank Balance, and personal assets are represented by the house here.

6th House

It is a house dedicated to "Job and Service".

7th House

This is the house of “work and Partnerships”.

8th House

This house denotes Inheritance and fulfillment of desire.

11th House

This is the house of Gains (land and property) and completion of Desires”.

12th House

Expenditures (loss of money) are represented by this house.

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