Career Astrology

“Astrology is like weather report; it tells you what conditions you’re likely t0 face in future. If the weatherman says it’s probably going to rain, you bring an umbrella. If you follow that advice, you won’t get wet”

What is Career Astrology?

Through identifying the key characteristics associated with a person’s star sign and how these will play out at work, career Astrology helps people to find a role or career path most suited for them.

How does Career astrology Consultation work?

This consultation is based on individuals, on what each planet and constellation indicates for future opportunities and as far as a career is concerned, reveal the cosmic plan for an individual.

The comprehensive analysis of birth chart and close assessment of the planets of one’s career domain would give the right answers to the questions that one may have.

Our award-winning astrologer Mr. Saurish Sharma(Rimmy) would find out what your strengths, preferences, and challenges are. Not just that he will help you diminish your weaknesses and achieve full potential in order to have a successful future.

What are the benefits of career astrology?

When you choose a career path that is associated with the career-related planets and houses of his/her horoscope you can find professional success naturally and without any major career-related Problems.

The powerful remedies will be provided for those who are facing career-related obstacles in the way of a successful career. These remedies would work on negative effects and correct those ill planets.

Mr. Saurish Sharma (Rimmy) will assist you to choose the right pathway of career, help those who are unable to get a job, and all those who seek growth and development in their professional life and comprehensive details of the career guidelines and discussion.

This astrological career assessment would help you to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, your interests, and what you hope to accomplish. Details of career opportunities and guidelines and steps to get a dream job.

Fees : ₹ 5100 only