Vastu Shastra

Vastu helps with aligning your physical body and your environment to the natural alignment of earth’s magnetic energies. You can think of them as longitudinal and latitudinal lines. You are living in harmony with nature

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Vastu Shastra, or the science of architecture, defines the significance of any object (vastu), including its direction and arrangement. It can be said that Vastu Shastra plays an important role in enriching our lives by providing us with inspiration for our homes, offices, temples and educational institutions. Our lives will be filled with success and prosperity according to the directional alignments. These days, it is primarily used for architectural purposes.

Vastu integrates architecture with nature by using symmetry and geometric patterns to align different parts of a structure in a particular way. Vastu consists of ideas and concepts that are combined and arranged in a way that makes a building most valuable to its owner. 

 Vastu explains the position and arrangement of the five elements of nature. The setting up of your surroundings is crucial for the infusion of prosperity, growth, and happiness into your life. Mr. Saurish Sharma is a vastu expert who will assist you in building your house/office in a way that is based on vastu to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Laws of Vastu Shastra

Vastu can be used in various ways.

Vastu Shastra focuses primarily on the directions and elements of nature. Each direction is governed by specific Vastu Shastra rules.

According to the eight primary directions, there are eight significant things in life. By investing the right amount of energy in all these corners, real benefit can be obtained.

Direction and planets based on vastu
Directions Ruling Planet Room
North Mercury Living Room (Sitting Room), Safe
Northeast Jupiter Prayer Room, Living Room
East Sun Bedroom (no bathroom)
Southeast Venus Cooking Area
South Mars Storeroom & Kitchen
Southwest Rahu Bedroom and Heavy Storage
West Saturn Bedroom, Study, and Storeroom for Children
Northwest Moon Bathroom, Room for Storing Grain

Five elements are another important concept in Vastu Shastra that serves as a foundation. Known as panchabhootas, they are the building blocks of Vastu Shastra. The Panchabhootas are the basis of everything that exists. The five elements are air, water, fire, earth and space.

Importance of Vastu

When planning for the construction of a home or shop, we must take note of a few key features, with which we can enhance our lives and eliminate a lot of problems. Vastu Shastra is a study that guides us when we build an office or house by identifying the astrological patterns used to build them.

It is definitely possible to use Vastu to support and comfort people when they are undergoing a difficult or traumatic time.

Buildings are influenced by the five elements (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Sky) no matter what type of construction is undertaken. There can be new problems arising in our lives as a result of a slight imbalance in these elements. We may also experience adverse effects from living or working in a place where elements are in disparate proportions.

Vastu influences how things are built. It can give buildings durability and strength. There are many important lessons in it, including how to improve strength. Having a good outer space will allow one to gain a better understanding of the inner space.

There is no doubt that Vastu is all about strength- both in the physical and mental realms. Vastu Shastra provides valuable information on this subject

Positivity: A Vastu Shastra-designed structure is almost perfect in its structure since the structure allows for maximum circulation of positive spirits within it.

Our renowned Astrologer and vastu expert Mr. Saurish Sharma shares some tips and ideas to help you improve the vastu of your home. For instance:-

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