Education Astrology

“Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things & I am greatly indebted to it.”

What is Education Astrology

Education Astrology predicts how an individual’s life develops based on his/her talents, how God has blessed us with the mind, heart, and particular talents; having said that Steven Forrest once stated “astrology is just a reflection of reality”.

Astrology is a tool that can make predictions regarding a child’s education including the type of study he or she would be selected for/opt for as a career path.

Vedic Astrology & Education:

The Vedic astrology can provide information on why people have difficulty completing their education, despite having brilliant intellectual abilities, and the type and level of the educational path he/she would likely choose or should pursue in the future.

Vedic astrology helps parents to plan their children’s educational background in ways that support their career aspirations based on the career that is beneficial to the child. An educational astrology reading can also predict how much success one will be able to achieve in a particular field. The 4th House is considered to be the House of education, and analyzing this House provides information about one’s education.

The Vital Houses Responsible For Education

Education is affected by our 4th house, our 5th house, our 9th house, our 2nd house, and our Lagna.

2nd house:

Indicates support from family and resources for completing our education. It is also the house of communication.

4th house:

Indicates primary education and it is the most crucial house for education.

5th House:

Is the home of intellect and knowledge. Successful learning cannot take place without having proper knowledge and wisdom.

9th house:

Has a lot to do with success in higher education. The ninth house is a house of luck, higher wisdom, and other aspects.

Certain planets are also responsible for education and they have effects such as the Sun represents science, medical, chemistry, light, heat, solar, and law. The Moon represents marine engineering, hotel management, human resources, nursing, and sales and marketing.

Other Planets Which Responsible For Career Fields

Venus : Art, Cinema, Music, Acting, and Dancing.

Mercury : Communication, Writing, Speech, Diplomacy, and Advertising.

Jupiter : Research studies and Religious Teacher.

Mars : Architecture, Constructions, Chemistry, and Mantras.

There is an extensive combination and illustration of educational and career aspiration in Vedic astrology which can be extracted from the birth chart in which Mr. Saurish Sharma would be guiding you.

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