Marital Issues

Love was easy, Marriage was not, Her disastrous horoscope, His income was not enough to cope, She turned deaf to fathers taunts, He kept ignoring mothers flaunts, Fought all for just one wish, Together we live else perish.

Today’s marriage presents a lot of challenges, including hatred, rage, disrespect, melancholy, bitterness, adultery, constant conflict, distrust, and no feeling of belonging to one another, despite initial vows to remain together.

Unlike birth & death, marriage is a natural progression for many of us. Various planets influence a person’s marriage in one way or another to make it successful or problematic, according to astrology. In addition to having the best looks, best education, and best lifestyle, some of the best personalities may also struggle with finding a spouse or experience marital issues.

Using astrological remedies and explanations of the effects of horoscope on marriage, our experienced astrologer Mr. Saurish Sharma is an expert at solving marriage problems and offers cures for it through astrological remedies; revealing solutions based on astrological and planetary considerations.

Astrological facts & situations that can cause problems in a marriage include:

In conclusion, when recommending a couple’s horoscope for marriage purposes, other considerations need to be taken into account. A number of other factors are taken into account when matching horoscopes, including Manglik Doshas, longevity of the partner, and financial. By matching the Kundlis of the bride and groom, they can gain insight into how the stars will affect their marriage and how to overcome obstacles that may arise.

Planetary combinations which give marriage problems

As part of astrological matching, bride and groom are compared based on their Gunas or qualities. A specific Mark and Point has been assigned to every Guna, and if both Gunas match, the Mark or Point will be added. By doing this, we can check eight factors and calculate the total score. There is no marriage restriction if the total marks or points exceed 18.

A lord of the 7th house is placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses When the 7th house lord is placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house, the signs of the 7th house will be destroyed, meaning the marriage will experience difficulties. This house has the worst placement of the 7th Lord.

The lord of the 6th,8th and 12th houses is in the 7th house. This rule is similar to rule no one, but in this case you tend to be the one causing marital strife, as in rule no one it is your spouse who causes all the problems.

Union between the 7th lord and the 6th lord, the 8th lord, and the 12th lord in any house will show less damage than union in other houses. This is the most common placement found in horoscopes, but as mentioned in the rule, it is unlikely to cause problems in the marriage unless it occurs in the 2nd, 3rd, 10th or 11th house. In contrast, in auspicious houses, such as the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 9th, these marriage problems can be avoided with proper remedies.

The sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are placed in the 7th house, which is a malefic position. It is a known fact that natural malefics tend to cause issues wherever they sit or aspect, and the same is true for the 7th house of marriage. Below, every one of these planets has its own effects, which are described separately.

  • Mars- In the 7th house, Mars is seen as the worst planet, and there is a special yoga known as Manglik Yoga that can cause serious marriage problems.
  • Saturn- Saturn denotes the lack of interest in marriage affairs and neglect of the partner when it is in the seventh house.
  • Rahu-Ketu-As strange as these two planets are, Rahu’s positioning in 7th house indicates extramarital affairs, while Ketu’s leads to divorce. A conclusion should not be drawn based solely on the placement of the vehicles. Other factors must also be considered.

The union of the Natural Malefic and the 7th Lord. This rule is similar to rule no. 4, but a lot depends on the house in which it takes place. There will not be many problems if it is in an auspicious house like the 5th or 9th.

The 7th house or its lord has an aspect of natural malefic. The rule is similar to the 4th and the 5th rule, but it is mentioned here so that astrological reading can be understood easily.

Astrological Solutions for the marital issues:

Venus is the planet of marriage and happiness. The aspect conjunction of Venus' position and the closeness of the planet's motion to the sun are important for analyzing Venus. Ultimately, the purpose of marriage is to grow spiritually together by overcoming difficulties and living a happy married life. Procreation is the most pressing reason for marriage, but it is also the principal reason for marriage. An analysis of Venus in the fourth house reveals where the person stands between primary and ultimate purposes of marriage with the synthesis of instinctual development, the fourth house is not just a place to be joyful, but a place to move towards moksha

Successive wealth, possessions, money, and values are considered to be the house of the 2nd house. In the 4th house, we find a sense of belonging, emotional security, feelings of emotional security, the bonding between family members, and instinctual development. They act as a kind of playing field for the planets and help us gain a detailed understanding of our inner and outer lives. Saurish Sharma, who has expertise in this area, will be using them in order to determine the exact problem with a person's marriage journey and then propose mathematical methods for calculating solutions and offering remedies for eliminating the issues.

Based on vedic astrology and lalkitab, there are several astrological remedies and solutions for specific causes of marriage problems. An award winning professional like Mr. Saurish Sharma (An expert with years of experience) will be able to guide you on finding the cause of problems and the right remedy to fix them.

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