Medical Astrology

"A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

No wonder the Great Hippocrates (Father of Medicine) implemented medical astrology and involved calculating the positions of the planets to arrive at an assessment of the patient’s condition.

There is a saying “‘As above, so below, as within, so without”.  In alternate terms, the microcosm of the human body reflects the macrocosm of the Nature and the cosmos.

Medical astrology is an ancient way of healing, diagnosing and treating patients, and harmonize one’s own health. From Greek medicine history to traditional Chinese medicines and the blooming of medical astrology in Europe, the early onset of a medicinal era in America, the domination of medical astrology is all over the world.

What is Medical Astrology?

Medical Astrology, also known as iatromathematics, is a form of alternative medicine that attributes the treatment of various diseases, food, and herbal medicine to the planets and the zodiac signs.

In other words, Medical Astrology is the art and science of assessing and predicting health conditions and disease possibilities respectively, by the influence of the astrological horoscope and signs. Moreover, it also contributes to healing and recovery.

How does medical Astrology consultation work?

Close assessment of an individual’s Birth Chart provides a unique framework for understanding the constitution, structure, and how one can best nourish it on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Each part of the body has a standard classification based on the zodiac signs and planets. As a result, planetary movements influence the condition of various organs and diseases.

The Signs of the Zodiac correspond to the different parts of the body:-
Zodiac Sign Body Part
Aries Head, face
Taurus Neck
Gemini Shoulders, arms, and hands
Cancer Breasts and stomach
Leo Heart and back circulatory system
Virgo Intestines
Libra Kidneys, small of the back, genitals
Scorpio Bladder, reproductive organs
Sagittarius Hips, thighs
Capricorn Bones, skin, knees, teeth
Aquarius Shins, ankles
Pisces Feet

If zodiac Aries has any influence on the person, headaches, fevers, nervous system diseases, eye problems, eruptions, inflammations, wounds, and accidents would occur. Similarly, the influence of Leo would have altered conditions for the heart such as heart attack, respiratory failure, asthma, etc.

However, the internal organs of our bodies are ruled by a particular planet and have very specific effects, such as the brain and nerves are ruled by Mercury [and Rahu], the heart is ruled by the Sun, arteries by Mars, veins by Saturn, etc.

The 12 Houses also have a vital role in medical astrology, for example, the First House is associated with headaches, psychological disorders, coughs and colds, and weakness in the brain. The fifth house is associated with indigestion, gastritis, inflammatory bowel disorder, anorexia, acute and chronic disorders of livers and on kidney like urinary incontinence, etc.

Mr. Saurish Sharma, an award-winning professional, will be assisting you from the moment of conception with his expertise on the birth chart as tools to diagnose any predisposition for disease or illness.

How can Medical Astrology benefit you?

An individual's natal horoscope reveals his or her temperament and constitutive nature, which are vital to all diagnoses and treatments in medical astrology.

Medical Astrology explains the psychosomatic relationship between mind and body with unmatched sophistication and depth. In addition, it reveals the karmic and psychological reasons behind a person's illness or condition.

To maximize chances for a positive healing outcome, and minimize the risk of complications such as surgery, fasting and purification treatments, conception and pregnancy, and any other major medical procedure are based on a knowledge of the cycles of the Sun, Moon, and other planets. Mr. Saurish Sharma will help you reach those goals so that you can enjoy health and fitness at their optimum level.

The Beauty of medical astrology lies in estimating when a person would face health problems and what sort of problems they would have to deal with. Prophylactic medicine and remedies are taken to a whole new level with astrological forecasting, and then you can take precautions beforehand.

Fees : ₹ 5100 only