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Who We Are

Mr. SAURISH SHARMA, a Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films, 2021 winner and a leading authority in Omega astro, is a celebrity astrologer & Vastu Consultant, running a digital platform for astrology by the name of Omega Astro. We are proud to announce that Omega Astro has now established offices in major cities across India following the establishment of the first branch in Chandigarh 6 years ago. With launching of the website of Omega Astro, we are now opening our astrological services to each and every individual around the globe. We have carried out a steady process of incorporating the latest technologies in information technology and enhancing our products and services to make astrology services available to the general public with ease.

An overview of Mr. Saurish Sharma with regards to astrology

Saurish Sharma, a long-established astrologer in the region, spoke on how astrology is bringing about changes in people’s lives. To answer the call of Higher Dimension, he spent 2 years in the abode of Himalayan Mountains, living close to the nature where he gained spiritual knowledge, learnt meditation, and received guidance from various rishis and gurus. He then returned to Chandigarh to acquire formal astrology training and thereafter has been helping, mentoring, and teaching people about the many dimensions of astrology and making a vital difference in their lives. He developed a devout attitude and an inclination towards spirituality from childhood. During the North Indian winters early morning, he would often walk barefoot on ice cold roads and pavements to visit temples and other sacred sites as a form of devotion towards God.
From an early age, he has read ancient scriptures and attended satsangs to deepen his understanding of religion and spirituality. During this time, he became fascinated by the stars and the sky above us and listened to insights brought by high power to enlighten him. His efforts since then have been focused on enlightening mankind by means of guidance, research and erudition in the field of astrology.

These attributes are reflected in the information that he shares with clients during consultations, as he explains both the cause and the effect of an event in the person’s life and how it all naturally flows together.

In his view, astrology is a divine and ancient science that makes it possible to predict what we can expect from the future and determine the best time to take action to achieve our goals. This provides us with an overview of what lies ahead so we can make informed, meaningful and timely decisions.

According to him, in our life, astrology provides a more objective understanding of our characteristics, recognition of our talents and potential, as well as opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth. It also helps us make practical changes in order to enhance our quality of life and also change course of life in some cases. We can effectively use astrology to know what lies in store for us, to plan for the events to unfold, be mentally prepared, as well as to reduce the impact of unfavorable events through remedies.

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Awards and Achievements

Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films 2021, identified as 'Best Astrologer Film Industry'.

'Youth Icon in the field of Astrology & Vastu' Appreciation Award from Punjab Govt. during the Republic Day Ceremony, 2020.

'Jyotish Bhushan' by 66th Astrological Convention.

Award of Appreciation presented by Sukhbir Singh Badal, Former Deputy Chief Minister, Punjab.

Award of Honor, presented by Sunil Jakhar, President, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee.

Award of Appreciation presented by Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi, ex-Cabinet Minister, Punjab.

Our Vision
  1. The goal of the Omega Astro is to offer guidance, direction, and happiness to young people worldwide.
  2. Reviving Indian Astrology among people by introducing them to the power of planetary energies, enabling them to go back to the traditional, religious roots and using this divine knowledge for better outcomes in life.
  3. Propagate the concept of Astrology to every household such that people use this knowledge on a day-to-day basis to simplify their life. Also, we wish to create a PAN India university for learning occult sciences and popularize this as one of the mainstream career options for the next generation.
  4. We strive to be a trusted resource for anyone who seeks guidance in astrology.
Our Mission
  1. Making a significant impact on people’s lives by helping them to follow their birth charts, utilizing their birth chart’s power by doing simple remedies, and living a happy, prosperous, and successful life.
  2. Astrological solutions are what we have in mind for clients with problems. We want to give direction to their life with the assistance of Mr. Saurish Sharma.
  3. Demonstrate practically to people that the structures of astrology are perfect for extending creative thinking to assist them in tackling life’s challenges and to see the many opportunities that are often overlooked in everyday life.
  4. To create a community for people who are seeking astrological guidance and also for people who are enthusiastic about learning astrology such that astrology touches the life of maximum people and their quality of life is improved through it. We want to offer support to people in need in the most trustworthy way that we can.
Why Omega Astro???
  1. The young and charismatic Mr. Saurish Sharma, known as a celebrity astrologer and innovator, embodied and illustrated the divine wisdom of astrology in an unsurpassed way. Ashtavinayak astrology was founded by him, and he was the primary driving force behind its creation and development. He formerly exclusively counseled celebrities, NRIs, and high net worth individuals. Now he is opening his doors to the general public on high demand from the general public.
  2. We at Omega Astro will provide people with comprehensive astrological guidance. The following problems can be resolved with Vastu remedies – Medical Issues, Child Problems, Foreign Settlements, Marriage problems, Financial Issues, Career, Business Problems, Job Promotions, Court Matters, Property Defects (Vastu Dosh) etc. This is all done from the perspective of Traditional, Vedic, Astrology and Scientific Methods.
  3. Our rates are affordable and reasonable. You save the majority of your money when you purchase from Omega Astro. Our prices are competitive, and our quality and accuracy are top-notch.
  4. All consultations are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and authenticity. Our first-class astrologer and quality control process ensure you receive the best possible products and results.
  5. Whenever you order a consultation from us, we will give you recommendations, and also simple but effective remedies that are sure to improve your health, happiness, and opulence.
Our qualities

Live, one-on-one astrology readings by our expert

100% client satisfaction

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Trustworthy services

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