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According to the Vedic Yearly Astrology system, Varshaphala produces a progressed yearly kundali for the individual each year. Varshaphala predicts how the individual’s year is going to turn out.

What is Varshaphal?

Whenever the sun reaches the degree, minute, and second in its revolution that it was occupying when a person was born, a chart is cast for the exact time when the sun will return. It is also called the Solar Return chart or Varsha Kundali (annual chart). Based on the results of this chat, predictions for the upcoming year are made.

With an average speed of 1°per day, Sun completes one complete round of the zodiac in a year. A horoscope for the year is then created at the moment when the Sun reaches the longitude of the natal Sun. The horoscope cast for that date and time becomes the annual horoscope and the Varshaphal is decided on the basis of this horoscope.

In a similar manner predictions for any year of the person, life can be given on the basis of annual horoscopes. In other words, the annual horoscopes is based on the longitude of the natal sun and not on the time and date of birth. This also means that the date, day, and time of the annual horoscope is generally different from that of the birth horoscope.

So to determine the results for the next year, the annual chart is combined with the natal chart.

Special characteristics Of Varshphal

Every year of life one planet out of nine planets is selected as the year lord and it plays an important role during the year.


Represents the transiting or moving natal ascendant at the rate of one sign per year. For example, if janma lagna(constellation as per birth chart) is Aquarius then next year month will fall on Pisces and in Aries in the subsequent year thereafter.

Yogas in Vashaphal (Yog)

The varshaphal consists of yogas which is known as Tajik yogas. There are a total of 16 Tajik yogas. Every spectrum of Tajik yoga reflects different aspects such as happiness, obstacles, etc.


The Dasha (period) of each of the nine planets has remarkable effects on every aspect of life with the person's nature and personality. They are 3 dashas -

(a) The Mudda Dasha - this is the most important data in varshaphal
(b) The Yogini Dasha
(c) The Patyayini Dasha


Each Saham denotes one particular event of life during the year indicated by the annual chart like marriage, childbirth, fame, travel, illness, death, etc.

The Calculation

Varshaphal or an annual horoscope can be cast in several ways or steps such as using stepwise rules, sun longitude, planetary positions, and mahadasha positions, etc. There are many things that must be kept in mind to determine one’s horoscope.

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