Saurish Sharma(astrologer): Founder of Ashtavinayak Astrology: Revealing his Bio/ Wiki, fees, Big Boss 16, contact details, and more

Saurish Sharma(astrologer): Founder of Ashtavinayak Astrology: Revealing his Bio/ Wiki, fees, Big Boss 16, contact details, and more

Saurish Sharma is a famous visionary mentor and astrologer known for his unique insights. He is a well-known celebrity astrologer who has appeared on several TV shows, making him a familiar face to many viewers.

Who is Saurish Sharma?

Saurish Sharma is a renowned celebrity astrologer recognized for his exceptional contributions to the field of astrology. In 2021, he received the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award for his outstanding work in the realm of astrology. He is the mastermind behind the innovative Ashtavinayak astrology system, a method designed to empower individuals with the positive potential of astrology.

Furthermore, he has established the digital platform Omega Astro, dedicated to disseminating this divine knowledge to the wider public, ensuring that everyone can benefit from its wisdom.

Saurish Sharma Personal Information

Full Name Saurish Sharma
Nick Name Rimmy
Date of Birth Unknown
Birth Place Firozpur, Punjab
Hometown Firozpur
Age 30-35
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Father Dinesh Sharma
Mother Unknown
Siblings Not known
Marital Status Married
Wife Shivani Sharma
Children Not known
School/College Delhi University
Profession Astrologer
Net Worth 1-2 Million
Personal information

Saurish Sharma Family

He was born into a Punjabi Brahmin family, where his father, Dinesh Sharma, a renowned astrologer, played a significant role in inspiring his own interest in astrology. His mother, a dedicated housewife whose name remains unknown, shared a special bond with him, and together they often explored different places. This upbringing influenced his path towards becoming an astrologer, following in his father’s footsteps and carrying on the family’s astrological legacy.

Saurish Sharma family

Saurish Sharma Wife

Saurish Sharma is fortunate to have a wonderful wife named Shivani Sharma, who has been a constant support through both his professional and personal challenges. Though we do not have any information about their children at the moment, we will update this as soon as possible, when we receive more details.

Saurish Sharma wife
Saurish- Sharma’s wife

How he became such an awesome astrologer

He wanted to learn astrology well, so he decided to spend about two years in the Himalayan mountains. Being in nature helped him connect with the world around him and gain spiritual knowledge. During his time there, he also learned how to meditate and received guidance from different spiritual teachers. All of this was part of his journey to be more in tune with a higher level of understanding.

Upon returning to Chandigarh, he received formal training in astrology and gained extensive knowledge of the subject. He began teaching others about the various dimensions of astrology and how it can positively impact their lives. Spirituality has been a great passion of his since childhood, and he would often walk barefoot on icy roads to visit temples and sacred places in the early mornings during winter to deepen his connection with God. His ultimate goal is to use astrology to help people achieve positive life changes.

He dedicated himself to studying ancient astrological writings and attending satsangs in order to form a profound connection with spirituality. His focus was on achieving enlightenment and exploring the heavens above to establish a strong connection with the higher divine and help humanity.

Astrology according to him

According to him, astrology is the divine knowledge that helps to find out the inner potential of the individual. It also helps to guide the path at which side of life this potential must be used to make out productive individuals. Astrology also helps us to provide remedies for unfair events and helps us to prepare for bitter life events that might occur in the future.

Saurish Sharma Career

He completed his training in Delhi and became an expert in various techniques of astrology, such as Vastu Shastra, birth chart analysis, face reading, palm reading, etc.

Vastu Consultant: His expertise not only encompasses birth chart analysis but also Vastu Shastra, allowing him to harmonize lives by aligning people’s destines and physical environments with the natural forces of the universe.

Ashtavinayak astrology: His profound knowledge and expertise in astrology have led him to pioneer innovative ways of assisting humanity through his groundbreaking invention, Ashtavinayak astrology.

Omega Astrology: He has created his very own digital platform, known as Omega Astro, with a vision to impact diverse facets of astrology to a wider audience. Through this innovative digital platform, he has harnessed the power of technology to provide astrological guidance and assistance to individuals regardless of their physical location.

He has also become a familiar face on numerous television shows, earning reorganization as a celebrity astrologer among the public. His predictions for the future of Big Boss 16 contestants have been widely watched and discussed.

Saurish Sharma astrologer Big boss

His remarkable skills in astrology gained widespread reorganization when he appeared on Big Boss 16, where he openly predicted the future of contestants such as Tina Dutta, Sumbul Touqeer, and MCStan, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Saurish Sharma big boss-16
Saurish Sharma big boss-16

Saurish Sharma Education

After completing his elementary education in Firozpur, Punjab, he moved to Delhi where he graduated. Later he pursued his passion for astrology by receiving training in Vastu Shastra and other astrological techniques at Delhi only.

Astrologer Saurish Sharma’s fees

His fees are flexible and tailored to the specific services customers choose. They typically begin at 1000 rupees and can vary depending on factors such as the duration of prediction, the number of questions asked, and the specific services requested.

Saurish Sharma’s contact details

Address 23A, Third Floor, Motia’z Royal Business Park, Chandigarh-Ambala Highway, Zirakpur, Distt Mohali, Punjab. 140603.
Phone +91-9380006500
Contact details

Astrologer Saurish Sharma’s appointment

To Schedule an appointment, you can simply visit the online service-providing website that he established. There, you will find a form to fill out and book your appointment.

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Saurish Sharma’s Net worth

He is a renowned astrologer who not only earns through television shows but also possesses diverse skills in predicting individuals’ futures, including face reading, palm reading, and birth chart analysis. Offering a wide range of services, from resolving relationship and career issues to addressing marriage and child-related problems, he charges fees based on the specific services provided. His estimated net worth is around 1-2 million dollars, reflecting his successful career in the field of astrology.

Saurish Sharma Award

Year Awards Events/ Committee
2021 Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Awards Films
Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Awards Films 66th Astrological Convention
Award of Honor Punjab Pradesh Committee
2020 Youth Icon Punjab Government
Award of appreciation Deputy Minister of Punjab

Saurish Sharma Some facts

  • He likes to visit different plagiarism
  • Apart from astrology, he is a model also.
  • He is the founder of Ashtavinayak astrology
  • He has his own digital platform
  • He is a dog lover. He has his pet dog
Saurish Sharma Dog love
Saurish Sharma Dog love
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