Bigg Boss 16 20th January Day 111 Highlights: Astrologer Saurish Sharma Claims Archana Gautam Has A “Kaali Zubaan”

Bigg Boss 16 20th January Day 111 Highlights: Astrologer Saurish Sharma Claims Archana Gautam Has A “Kaali Zubaan”

It was the day of the revelations in the Bigg Boss 16 house. The contestant’s real personalities and backstories are dug out by the renowned astrologer and visionary mentor Saurish Sharma. From Archana Gautam to Tina Datta everyone’s real self and their story of life were put out by him. Moving on to Shalin Bhanot, I really felt sad for him. He actually looks very disturbed about being in the house. To get a gist of today’s episode, read Bigg Boss 16 Day 111 Promo here. Let me take you through the crazy stuff that happened in the house today.

Shalin appears to be insane in the house. He has climbed to the highest point of the Bigg Boss 16 house and is counting how many birds are outside. Shalin suspects something is wrong and questions Nimrit Kaur Ahwuwalia, asking why Shiv Thakare isn’t talking to him and whether the mandali have a problem if they both are mingling she lies and says no because the truth was Shiv had brought up Shalin and Nimrit’s friendship in a mandali discussion. He expresses his frustration at having no one to talk to also because of Tina. Nimrit believes Tina wanted a love angle, but now that everyone has labelled her a fake person she is launching an enemy angle. Shalin approaches Sumbul Toqueer and tells her that if she doesn’t have anyone to talk to, she come to him and have a random conversation with him.

New friendships are taking shape; MC Stan and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary used to hate each other, but now they joke and banter with fun conversations. Shiv jokes with MC Stan as he says he wants to go to his Sakhis Priyanka and Tina. Whereas some of the other contestants are having a good time in the house, Archana is feeling lonely and thinking to herself that if she was nicer, the other contestants would have been nicer to her. She sobs over a milk packets she never received.

Bigg Boss’ incredible show plan could not be more entertaining. Saurish Sharma, the renowned astrologer and visionary mentor, enters the house to disclose everything about the contestants. The kundlis are exposed. He begins by discussing Shalin and reveals that the reason for his downfall in life has always been due to a girl. Concerning Tina, he uncovers that after a blockbuster serial, she was never seen with another, and the reason for this is her attitude, and she must be carefree if she wants another blockbuster. Talking about her love life, he tells that she had a crush on someone but now that person’s married someone else. He even inquires whether the name began with a ‘S’ or a ‘V’. She only responds with a ‘Maybe’.

Sumbul comes next, and he reveals that her life is full of burdens and hardships. Her parents’ divorce has had an impact on her. He offers her a solution to her mental stress, which is to try to resolve the conflict with her mother, which will also help her succeed. Saurish also says that if she stays until the end of the game, he won’t be surprised if she wins. Archana is referred to as intuitive and ‘Kaali Zuban,’ and he gives interesting examples such as when she said Ankit should leave the house, and he does so in less than a week; she also predicted that the mandali would be disrupted, which occurred. As a result, she must take caution in what she says. He also foretells that she will marry at the age of 31 and that her life partner will adore her. Following that, he advises Priyanka not to dye her hair brown or golden. He also believes that Ankit and her future together are pointless.

Nimrit has her nanaji’s blessing, and since his passing, he has showered her with all the blessings that have led to her success. He reveals that she has been deceived repeatedly. Shiv’s life will change dramatically after his marriage, and he has a bright future ahead of him. He also claims that if not in a Bollywood film, he would star in a Marathi film. Another reality show awaits him, and he is clearly in the top four. Every time there is an allegation or criticism levelled at MC Stan, his career skyrockets. He advises Stan to accept criticism with a smile. The more harsh the criticism, the more popular the song. He declares that he will have many collaborations, including international ones, and that he will release four songs as soon as he leaves the Bigg Boss 16 house. Continuing with some shocking predictions, Soundarya Sharma‘s feelings for Gautam were clear and pure on her end, but he was not. He claims that while she may appear sweet on the outside, she is extremely intelligent on the inside.

Returning to Shalin, he tells Bigg Boss that he wants to come into the confession room because he is not feeling well. Everyone is baffled as to why Bigg Boss summons Shalin to the confession room. He becomes frustrated and inquires whether the room is soundproof, to which Big Boss responds, “Yes!” He asks Bigg Boss to take this part off-camera because he is losing his shit and is depressed. However, Bigg Boss claims that there is nothing off-grid. Bigg Boss asks if he wants to meet with a psychiatrist. He expresses his dissatisfaction with having all of this broadcast live. Looks like Shalin is annoyed because the show is extended.

He informs Bigg Boss that he wishes to speak with Rohini, his lawyer, to enquire whether he has a provision to leave the house without financial repercussions. Bigg Boss tries to explain to him that he should sit down and talk about it calmly. Even after trying to make Shalin understand, he doesn’t seem to be registering anything in his mind. Bigg Boss gets angry with Shalin after he claims that the channel is not caring for their mental health. He declares his desire for a voluntary exit. He finally admits that Tina and Priyanka are full of negativity and that he wants to try to escape Tina. Finally, he calms down, and Bigg Boss jokes that he shouldn’t wear pink because it makes him spend more time in the confessional and wishes him ‘The pink of health.’

Though there the “Shukravaar Ka Vaar” didn’t happen, it was a good different than usual. But, tomorrow Salman Khan will be ready to take over the stage. After so many thing that has happened in the house over the past week, I am excited to see who would be in Bhai’s radar. Stay tuned for more updates and gossip.

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